CD Graphics Design - Photoshop Editing - Photography
CD GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES - Hit and Run Recording Graphic Design has done many styles of CD designs, from folk rock to religious to educational-technical audio CDs with 16 page booklets.
CD Graphic Design Prices: Two panel (CD in cardboard sleeve) $185, Four panel Digi-pack, $395, 4 panel with jewel case $425 (shown), 6 panel digi-pack $525. Similar pricing for other configurations. Graphic design prices are for the artwork and text layout of the Adobe software file that is then submitted to the CD duplication facility of your choice. (prices do not include duplication)


Photo Editing Services -Got the perfect picture for your project except that it has an aspect that needs editing or color correction? Consider hiring Hit and Run Recording's photo editing services to edit your photos.
Photo Edit Level 1 and Color Correction Level 1- Remove object from an image with a less complex background and simple color correction- $78   Photo Edit Level 2 and Color Correction Level 1- Remove objects from an image with a more complex background and simple color correction- $118
Photo Editing Prices are based on the quantity and complexity of edits and color corrections being addressed in a photo
  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Photo Editing $49 $89 $129 $169
Color Correction $29 $39 $49 $59
Photo Silhouette (separate a subject image from a background)- The price ranges from $19 to $79 depending on the complexity of the original background and the type of background the subject will be placed within. The silhouette fee for the example shown here would be $49   Photo Edit Level 3 and Color Correction Level 2- Remove object from an image with a more complex background and multiple color corrections- $168

Photographs taken of Hit and Run Recording audio recording clients during their session: No extra charge, + photo credit
Photoshoot session at Hit and Run Recording for non-recording clients: $185, + photo credit
Photoshoot session on location of a band's practice, concert, or other location: $349, + photo credit (Travel fee may apply)Photoshoot sessions can take up to 1.5 hours. High resolution digital files are provided on disc no charge.

If you would like to hire Hit and Run Recording's graphics design service for your CD artwork or to edit your photograph, contact us with a description of the project. We would then email you a price quote confirmation based on the prices here along with instructions for the next step.