Platinum Album:
Time-Life Music's
"Classic Rock"
Recording the Washington area music scene for more than 25 years, and serving as the re-mastering studio for Time-Life Music for seven of those years, Hit and Run Recording has recorded hundreds of CDs and is credited in the liner notes alongside countless hit recordings.

From Aerosmith to Zeppelin as well thousands of hits from the likes of: Bowie, Elton, Madonna, Prince, Motown to Public Enemy, Springsteen, The Ramones, U2, Cash, Cline, Willy and Lynn.

The hit recordings of virtually every major rock, R&B, and country artist recorded from the 50s into the 90's were digitally re-mastered by Steve Carr at Hit and Run Recording for Warner Communications.
Rolling Stone Magazine's
"25 Years of Essential Rock History"
box set
CD Review Magazine "Top 104 CD's of the year" / Rolling Stone Magazine four star review- "Places That Are Gone" Tommy Keene  / Numerous W.A.M.A. Best Studio-Engineer Award nominations / Numerous releases on Atlantic, Columbia, Relapse, Bellmark and other major record labels / Baltimore City Paper Best Locally Produced CD Lisa Cerbone "Close Your Eyes" / Recorded numerous W.A.M.A albums and songs of the year
  Hit and Run Recording also records all styles of voice overs for sports broadcasts, FEMA training DVDs, government public service announcements, and language learning programs.
Hear what it's like to record at Hit and Run Recording. . . .
Lisa Cerbone Time-Warner
Cashmere Aisha Kahlil