All phases of studio recording - pre-production, recording, mixing, mastering for all styles of music Mixing and/or mastering for projects not recorded at Hit and Run Recording Graphic Design - CDs, logos, photography, photo editing, and web sites Educational resources - Audio engineering, production, and music business education Recording Studio Consulting - Get sound advice from an expert

Spacious, professionally designed rooms designed to record full bands. The layout and acoustical design of Hit and Run Recording allows a band to set up as they would for a show or band practice and achieve the depth and dimension of professional studio recording combined with the live energy intensity of a group playing together all at once. Four independent headphone mixes allow the musicians to monitor the other players clearly.
Computer screens area > 4800 X1020 = a more efficient workflow. 32 Channel digital mixer with moving faders for monitoring , 64 channels of mic preamps including 32 outboard discreet and transformer coupled with 0.0005% THD for recording. Main DAW- Cubase. Computers: 6 Core Phenom and Mac. Pro Tools HD and Digital Performer available (for DAW file conversion)
Multiple monitoring systems-Hear your tracks through top of the line (time-aligned and ribbon) studio monitors for accuracy as well as "home" and "car" style speakers to check out how the mix will sound in the real world.
Racks of analog and digital hardware processing. All the best mics, including: Neumann, AKG, Shure, Electrovoice. State of the art keyboard system.